2015 IRS Refund Cycle Chart for 2014 Tax Year

2015 IRS Refund Cycle Chart and e-file payment information.

2014 IRS E-File Cycle ChartThis is a schedule for 2015 IRS Refund Cycle Chart. Direct Deposit and Check date’s below. Please see disclaimer. 2015 tax refund schedule is listed below for information purposes. This is just for the first week. Find out when you’re state income tax refund will be in. 



2014 IRS Refund Cycle Chart for Tax Year 2013

 IRS Refund Cycle Chart 2014 Income Tax Refund Schedule 2013 Tax Payments

The complete irs refund cycle chart 2014 is now available on our main website Hot Springs Arkansas Tax Preparation ServicesIRS Refund Cycle Chart 2014 is a comprehensive calendar listing of  all of the dates that direct deposit and checks will be released for Taxpayers in 2014 for 2013 tax year. This information is released to help individuals and businesses be better prepared for tax payouts. 2014 IRS Refund Cycle Chart
This is the answer to the common question: When will the IRS accept returns in 2014?
IRS approves your return (by 11:00 am) between…* Projected Direct Deposit Sent on or before* Projected Paper Check Mailed*
January 31 2014 2/6/2014 2/7/2014
February 02 and February 08 2014 2/13/2014 2/14/2014
February 09 and February 15 2014 2/20/2014 2/21/2014


IRS Tax Forms

efile or download Federal Income Tax Forms for Tax Year 2014

This page will be updated as the IRS releases 2014 tax forms. We recommend bookmarking this page to keep track of the latest updates. IRS opens for accepting efiled 2014 returns in January 2015.

Below you find a list of all Forms that are enable for efile. Of course, when you prepare you tax return on efile.com you don’t need to select forms, efile.com does this all for you. Prepare and efile your tax return now online! Since 1990 over 1 billion income tax returns have been efiled safely online.

Check the latest IRS tax deadlines and state tax deadlines and important IRS publications. (more…)

When does the IRS start accepting tax returns in 2015?

When does the IRS start accepting tax returns in 2015?


Tax Season 2015 starts January 23rd 2015.

The I.R.S is expected to start accepting 2015 tax returns as of January 23rd, 2015 per the 2015 IRS Refund Cycle Chart. This doesn’t mean that you will not be able to submit your 2014 tax return to the I.R.S before then though. All of the I.R.S. tax forms are usually available by January 5th (2015).

First Day to File 2015 (more…)

2014 Tax Refunds Will Not Be Delayed Until October 2015

2014 Tax Refunds Will Not Be Delayed Until October 2015

Today, we contacted the Internal Revenue Service and were informed explicitly that their was no chance of 2014 Tax Refunds being delayed until October 2015. We were also informed that there might be a slight delay due to tax laws not being passed early enough in 2014: article here. This would mean probably a mere two week delay though. We tracked down the original story and Snopes.com wrote an explanation on this. We have posted the article for your viewing.


2015 Tax Refunds Could Be Delayed

Tax Refunds Could Be Delayed in 2015 Much Longer than in 2014.

Americans might have to wait longer than usual to receive their tax refunds in 2015.

The IRS is waiting for lawmakers to act on expired tax provisions called extenders. If Congress fails to resolve the issue by the end of November, that could delay the 2015 tax season — and therefore push back the date when refund checks start to get cut and sent out.

IRS Commissioner John Koskinen said the agency is currently upgrading its systems, which will help streamline the tax filing process. (more…)